When considering us for a field trip, please keep in mind that our cave is NOT wheelchair accessible. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.

To make a reservation please click here Reservation, or call 512-931-2283 ext. 4, or send a request to reservations@innerspacecavern.com. Please include the date, time of day and number of classes you want to reserve.

Gift Shop/Snack Bar
Students may shop in the gift shop in groups of no more than ten. Adult
supervision is required. If you wish to allow your students to buy food
from the snack bar, please remember that we cannot take any food or drinks into the cave. It is best to have them wait until after the tour to buy

The cave is always 72˚ F and humid; your students will not need to bring
jackets. We recommend sturdy shoes with good traction for walking. No
sandals or flip flops please.

While we absolutely respect the confidentiality of our guests, it does help
if we know when someone with diabetes or asthma goes into the cave. High humidity levels can cause difficulties for some people to breathe, so
please be sure anyone that needs it has an inhaler. Exceptions will be made with our no food or drink policy if someone is diabetic.

On Tour
Your class will walk roughly one mile on the Adventure Tour, which lasts
one hour. Your guide will stop frequently on your trek through the cave in order to explain various aspects of the cave.

The tour begins in the pre-call room of the main building. Your guide will greet you and discuss the rules with your class before entering the cave. Please make sure everyone has used the restroom and that their shoes are tied!

As your class moves through the cave, the guide will be turning on the
lights in front of you and the lights off behind you. This is partially to
give the bats as natural a habitat as possible. but is also for communication purposes. When the lights flash, a group will be approaching from the other direction.