We want you to have an educational and fun experience in the cave. We understand the students will be excited. Proper behavior in the cave allows your students to have the best experience possible.

No Touching
Your guide will go over the rules before entering the cave.

Some of our speleothems (cave formations) have been forming for thousands of years, and it is very important that they continue to do so. For this reason, we ask that no one take any food, drink, candy, or large backpacks on the tour.

We are not allowed to touch anything inside the cave. Natural oils on our skin prevent calcite from being deposited when we touch formations, stunting their growth.

Stop Walking, Stop Talking
We try to keep each class together as a group. Typically, students are very excited about all the new things to be seen and want to talk. While this is encouraged between stops, a good rule to follow is when the group stops walking, please stop talking and listen to the guide.

It is important that the group stays together, as the lights go out as a group leaves an area. The best time to take pictures is as the group approaches the next stop, not as the group is leaving. Do not use flashes to take pictures of bats as this disturbs them.

Inside Voices & Walking
Please use inside voices in the cave – some places echo and we do not want to disturb bats.

The natural underground environment is dark and damp. The pathways will be steep, uneven and wet. For safety, please walk behind your guide. There are handrails and floor mats throughout the cave to assist with walking.

There will be a chance to ask questions after the guide interprets that area.

Stay on the Trail
Because there are often delicate formations and hazardous terrain, everyone must stay on the concrete trail at all times. Also, please stay behind the guide unless instructed to do otherwise.

Leaving the Tour
If anyone needs to leave the cave for any reason, please let your guide know before leaving. There will be places with no light. Your guide will either call and have a guide sent down to escort the person out or have them join the next tour you pass leaving the cave. For safety, we do not allow anyone to be in the cave without a guide. Once someone leaves the cave, they will not be able to rejoin the group.