Gift Shop / Snack Bar / Fudge

Here you will find lots of ways to keep your memories of the cave alive!

If your hike through the cave takes it out of you, our snack bar will be sure to have what you need. Thirsty? Grab a souvenir cup for free refills all day! Hungry? Try our candied pecans, almonds, or cashews, made fresh in house!

We have a variety of fountain drinks, candy bars, Blue Bell ice cream, and nachos.

Our gourmet fudge is made fresh, in house.

Our most popular flavors include Chocolate, Chocolate Pecan, Rocky Road, Birthday Cake, Cookies and Cream (with real Oreo bits), M&Ms, and Tiger Butter (peanut butter with vanilla and chocolate swirl). Our fudge makers are always trying out new flavor combinations, so make sure to ask what’s new or seasonal!

Take home your favorite flavors for $4.00 (plus tax) per piece (approx.. ¼ lb.)

Makes a great gift, too!