Now Open!

The Saber Tooth

Our new zip ride, The Saber Tooth, is now open. We can’t wait for you to experience Inner Space Cavern’s newest attraction.  This is a tandem zip ride, so one or two guests are strapped in. Next, the ride lifts them 130 ft into the air going backwards 630 ft. The lift stops at the top to allow a quick look at the views, then comes back at up to 33 mph!

These are some frequently asked questions to help prepare for this breathtaking ride:

How high does it go?  The Saber Tooth pulls riders 130 ft. into the air.

How fast does it go?  Riders will be going about 33 mph on the way down.

Is there an age or height limit? There is no age limit, but there is a height requirement.  The minimum height is 42 inches.  Riders  42 inches to just under 48 inches must ride with someone over 48 inches tall.

What is the weight limit?  The maximum weight is 300 lbs. for an individual or 450 lbs. combined for two riders.

Is it handicap accessible? Yes, however all legs must be present to the knee.  Prosthetics are not allowed on the ride.

Can I share a seat or bring a baby?  NO.  The carts are designed for one person per seat with the minimum height requirement.  Sharing seats is not permitted.

Are there medical restrictions?  People with the following conditions should NOT ride The Saber Tooth:

  • Expectant mothers
  • Persons with neck or back problems
  • Persons with heart conditions
  • Persons with high blood pressure
  • Persons who have had recent surgery
  • Persons with any impairment that would prevent normal seating.

How much does it cost?  Single ride $12 + tax per person, $10+tax per person when purchased with a cave tour, Unlimited All Day $30+tax per person (must get off and go to end of line before riding again).

What about the weather?  The Saber Tooth cannot operate during thunderstorms or if winds are over 33 mph.  If we hear thunder or see lightning, the ride will be closed until at least 20 minutes after the storm has passed.

Can I take my camera, food drinks, purse, etc?  No loose items are permitted. We have a storage container to keep all items in while riding.  Flip flops need to be removed before taking the ride.

Is it safe?  The restraint system consists of 2 belts over the lap.  Riders cannot unlatch the restraints during the cycle.  The ride will not operate if restraints are latched incorrectly.