Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 9th:  Fossil Field Day

WATCH as paleontologists collect and study Ice Age fossils from Inner Space Cavern!
LEARN about the natural history of central Texas!
SEE SCIENCE IN ACTION as paleontologists collect Ice Age fossils of bats, extinct pronghorn, and jaguar!

Details:  John Moretti (PhD paleontology candidate) will be collecting bones from one of the debris cones (Site where there used to be a sinkhole).  Graduate students will set up at that location and briefly discuss the Ice Age history of Inner Space Cavern.

How to participate:  Come see us on Saturday, March 9th.  We will open at 9 a.m. with tours entering the cave about every 15 minutes until 4:45 p.m.  Purchase tickets for the Adventure Tour.  You will be assigned a tour time.  Your guide will talk about the discovery of the cave and the geology of the cave.  In addition, you will get to meet the graduate students and learn more about the Ice Ages in Texas.

Tuesday, April 8th:  Eclipse Day

Experience the wonders of the sky as well as the underground.  We will host an eclipse viewing party from about noon to 3 p.m. (totality begins at 1:36 and lasts for about 3 minutes, 15 seconds) and cavern tours from 9 – 10:30am and 3 – 4pm. Picnic tables will be available and guests are also encouraged to bring chairs or blankets. Viewing party tickets are $25.99 per person and will include a $10 tour discount that can be used that day or another time.

Tickets will be available on line after March 1.  Please plan on arriving by noon to experience the entire eclipse.  Tickets will be needed to enter the parking lot.

Saturday, April 13th:  Ice Age Tour at 6:30 p.m.

Once again, John Moretti gives you the opportunity to learn more about the Ice Age history of Texas, particularly as it involves Inner Space Cavern.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about paleontology, scientific exploration, and the natural history of Central Texas!

The minimum age is 10 years old for the Ice Age Tour. This is a high school/college level lecture. Please wear practical footwear appropriate for wet and uneven surfaces. Tours will last approximately 2 hours. Please be aware that questions and group discussion may cause tours to last longer than 2 hours. Inner Space Cavern is located on I-35 South in Georgetown, Texas. Tours begin promptly at 6:30 pm CDT.

The tour is limited to 20 people.  You must call us at (512)931-2283 to make reservations.

Although this tour is suitable for ages 10 and over, participants must be able to walk one mile along with steep, wet, and/or uneven pathways. This tour is not suitable for those with bad backs, bad knees, recent surgeries, heart conditions, etc.  Wheelchairs (or anything with wheels), tripods, food or drink may not be taken in the cave.

For the Ice Age Tour, ticket prices are $29.95 each plus tax for ages 13 and over; $21.95 each for children 12 and under.

Please keep checking here or on our Facebook page for dates, times, and other programs.