TEKS and Student Objectives


(4.7) Earth and Space
B. observe and identify slow changes to the Earth’s surface caused by weathering, erosion, and deposition from water, wind, and ice.

(4.8) Earth and Space
B. describe and illustrate the continuous movement of water above and on the surface of the Earth through the water cycle and explain the role of the Sun as a major source of energy in this process.

(4.9) Organisms and Environments
B. describe the flow of energy through food webs, beginning with the Sun, and predict how changes in the ecosystem affect the food web such as a fire in a forest.

Student Objectives

During the tour:

The students will be able to describe the journey a water molecule takes on its way into a cave system and how water affects the cave through completion of The Water Cycle activity and discussion with their tour guide.

The students will be able to explain that organisms in an ecosystem are interdependent by observing the conditions of that ecosystem and applying the information collected to the Food Web activity.

Pre- and Post-Visit Activities and Assessments
The purpose of these activities is to prepare your students for your visit to Inner Space Cavern or to supplement what they have learned once you return to the classroom. Ideally, the activities would be completed in the order listed; however, each activity may stand on its own.

Pre-Visit Activities
Pre-Visit Acivity #1: The Water Cycle

Post-Visit Activities
*Post-Visit Activity #1: Sinkholes
Post-Visit Activity #2: Food Web
Post-Visit Activity #2: Food Web Information Sheets
Post-Tour Carbon Cycle Activity

*Applies to TEKS for more than one grade.