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What to Expect-Group Reservations

When considering us for a field trip, please keep in mind that our cave is NOT wheelchair accessible. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.
To make a reservation please call 512-931-2283 ext. 4 or send a request to Reservations@innerspacecavern.com. Please include the date, time of day and number of classes you want to reserve.

Please be prepared, we do require a credit card number to hold your reservation. Nothing will be charged to this card ,unless in the event of a "No-call, No-show". That alone would result in a $50.00 charge.

Our prices for student tickets (for groups of 20 or more with a reservation) vary as the season changes. Reservations are not available on holiday weekends.

  • $6.00 September – February
  • $6.50 March – May
  • $9.00 June – August
Parent chaperones may purchase a discounted ticket for $14.78 + tax= $16.00

Included is a list of prices for a few of the items in the gift shop and the snack bar so your students will have a better idea of what they will able to buy should you decide to shop when you get here. Prices listed are after tax.
Gift Shop
Most Small Rocks $1.35
Small Bag of Rocks $4.87
Aero Flier $2.15
Mood Ring $3.19
Map $1.08
Postcard $0.54
Small Magnets 3 for $1
Finger Light $0.81
Geode Slice $7.04
Crack Your Own Geode $7.04
Pendant and Cord $3.90
Helmet w/ lamp $16.78

Students may shop in the gift shop in groups of no more than ten. Adult supervision is required. If you wish to allow your students to buy food from the snack bar, please remember that we are not allowed to take any food into the cave. It is a good idea to have them wait until after the tour to buy snacks.

Snack Bar
Jolly Ranchers/Mint 2 for $0.25
Lollipop $0.50
Rock Candy $1.00
Candy Bar $1.50
Pickle $1.50
Chips $1.00
Fountain Drink $2.00
Nachos $3.00
ICEE $3.00
Souvenir Cup $3.75

The cave is always 72˚ F and humid; your students will not need to bring jackets. We recommend sturdy shoes with good traction for walking. No sandals or flip flops please.

Cameras are welcome, but if we come across a bat please refrain from using your flash. Although we may see some live animals on the tour, mainly bats and crickets, our focus will be on cave formation with some attention given to the prehistoric animals whose fossils were found in the cave.

While we absolutely respect the confidentiality of our guests, it does help if we know when someone with diabetes or asthma goes into the cave. High humidity levels can make it difficult to breathe, so please be sure any student that needs it has an inhaler. Exceptions will be made with our no food or drink policy if one of your students is diabetic.