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Privacy Policy

At Inner space Cavern, we take security and privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy defines how we collect, protect and use your private information.

Collection of Private Information:

Private information is collected during the purchase of tickets, such as your name, address, email address and credit card information. Only information that you provide is collected; no other

Protection of Private Information:

While making your purchase, all your information is encrypted so that private information stays private. Also, we use and encrypted connection to transmit your payment information to our credit card processor. You may review the privacy policy of our credit card processor here: Clover.com and Idealss.com.

Your information is stored in a secure database on servers housed in a secure data center. We take extra precautions with credit card information. We require CVV (Card Verification Value) numbers to be entered with credit card numbers to prevent fraud. We do not store all of the credit card information; we never store credit card numbers in plain text. Also, we never display a complete credit card number on any of our reports (just the last 4 digits); not even for our own employees.

Terms and Conditions

Present your ticket at the Ticker Booth. Please check our Daily Calendar on our website for availability. Your party will be scheduled on the next available tour. Tickets are non-refundable. All sales are final. Tickets are uniquely bar coded and can only be used once. If altered or duplicated the ticket is not valid. Cave tours are not effected by inclement weather. Expires one year from purchase.