Inner Space Cavern encourages Homeschool families and groups to visit the cave. Children learn and retain knowledge best by experience. Our knowledgeable, friendly guides will discuss the geology of the cave including type of rock and how it formed, fossils in the rocks, how the cave formed, weathering and erosion, and names of speleothems. Learn about the ice age animals that fell in the cave when it had multiple sinkholes open to the surface. Children enjoy using their imaginations to see different shapes in the rocks. The tour takes about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

After the tour, spend some additional time at the sluice to find gemstones. Students purchase a bag of dirt and sift through the dirt, finding semi-precious gemstones, which are theirs to keep. An information card helps them to identify the stones. This is a great way to start a rock collection.

We are pleased to offer homeschoolers special rates (Monday through Friday only, not available on weekends):

September 2020 through February 2021:

Students age 4-17 $6.00 plus tax = $6.50 each

Adults $14.78 each plus tax = $16.00

Sluice bag $4.50 each plus tax = $4.87

When you check in to purchase your ticket, please tell the cashier you are a homeschool family.

The cave experience can be incorporated in other areas of study:

History/Engineering: Research the process of building a highway

English: Write a nonfiction story about the cave experience or write a fictional story involving a cave.

Math: Calculate the age of a stalagmite based on its size.

Biology: Study the kinds of bats found in Central Texas. Study the kinds of animals that live in caves.

Geology: Types of rocks and how they form, weathering and erosion, how caves form, learn about a special landscape called karst.